28 maj, 2006

Hvor har vi set det før?

Fra Worldnetdaily:

Hamas is seeking the ability to attack Israel using small airplanes laden with explosives to be flown 9-11-style into important targets, possibly Tel Aviv skyscrapers, Abu Abdullah, a leader of Hamas' so-called military wing, told WorldNetDaily yesterday. ..

Abdullah's statements come after Palestinian security officials told WND they believe Hamas recently smuggled into the Gaza Strip three small airplanes that can carry explosives and be used to attack Israel. They said information indicates the aircraft were purchased from eastern European dealers and that Hamas members received flight training from professionals in the Sudan, Iran and Syria. ..

Abdullah said Hamas would fly the planes into Jewish targets, possibly Tel Aviv skyscrapers.

"The goal is to have these planes carry maximum quantities of explosives and that they will be able to hit the targets that are fixed for its operation at a high level of accuracy. All the Zionist goals in our dear Palestine are legitimate. I estimate that this tool will not be used against regular targets. We will choose precious targets and I do not want to speak about strategic or any other targets. ... We know that the enemy is building new and high buildings in Tel Aviv."

Bemærk at Tel Aviv inkluderes i "Palæstina". Der er intet Israel i Hamas´ verden.

Israel in the past has reportedly had numerous security alerts involving plots to fly aircraft into skyscrapers, including Tel Aviv's two Azrieli towers. Although the towers are shaped differently – one is triangular, another is circular – they are often referred to as Israel's Twin Towers.

In February 2003, six Hamas members were reportedly killed in a blast while filling a small aircraft with explosives. Security reports at the time said Hamas planned to fly the airplane by remote control into an Israeli target. Hamas leaders, including Abdullah, blamed Israel for the explosion that halted the aircraft attack.

In the past we succeeded to acquire one of these planes but the enemy discovered it and bombarded the plane killing our brothers who were working and training on the plane," Abdullah told WND.