12 januar, 2007

Jundallah II

Jeg har tidligere - i maj - beskæftiget mig med den iranske oprørsgruppe Jundallah. Siden har der været pænt stille om dem, men i december lod de høre fra sig igen:

Iran has arrested a number of suspects linked to a Sunni militant group over a deadly bomb attack last month in the southeast of the country, AFP reported.

"The people behind this (bombing) have been identified. They are supporters of Abdolmalek Rigi," Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad Baqer Zolghadr told the Fars news agency, referring to the leader of the Sunni militant group Jundallah.

"This group has been confronted several times and some of its elements have been arrested. But we cannot yet confirm whether these people were the bombers," he added Sunday.

One person was killed last December in a car bomb explosion in Zahedan, the capital of Sistan-Baluchestan province, on the eve of local elections.

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