02 oktober, 2006

Fjordmand: The Eurabia Code, Part I

Fjordmand har begået endnu en i en lang række essays om hvordan islam fører en lavintensitets-krig mod vesten, og hvordan indfødte anti´er hjælper dem alt hvad de kan. Der er alt for meget at vælge imellem til at poste citater af substans (dog et hint: Frankrig har en skurkerolle), så jeg nøjes med afslutningen på første del, og opfordrer folk til selv at læse det hele på Jihadwatch:

The EU founders "were careful only to show their citizens the benign features of their project. It had been designed to be implemented incrementally, as an ongoing process, so that no single phase of the project would arouse sufficient opposition as to stop or derail it." Booker and North call the European Union "a slow-motion coup d'état: the most spectacular coup d'état in history," designed to gradually and carefully sideline the democratic process and subdue the older nation states of Europe without saying so publicly.

The irony is that France is now held hostage by the very forces she herself set in motion. The Jihad riots by Muslim immigrants in France in 2005 demonstrated that Eurabia is no longer a matter of French foreign policy, it is now French domestic policy. France will burn unless she continues to appease Arabs and agree to their agenda.

The growth of the Islamic population is explosive. According to some, one out of three babies born in France is a Muslim. Hundreds of Muslim ghettos already de facto follow sharia, not French law. Some believe France will quietly become a Muslim country, while others are predicting a civil war in the near future.

Maybe there is some poetic justice in the fact that the country that initiated and has led the formation of Eurabia will now be destroyed by its own Frankenstein monster. However, gloating over France's dilemma won't help. The impending downfall of France is bad news for the rest of the West. What will happen to French financial resources? Above all, who will inherit hundreds of nuclear warheads? Will these weapons fall into the hands of Jihadist Muslims, too?


Anonymous Anonym said...

Another great article by Fjordmand!
GO Denmark! Sweden follow Denmark! Merci!

absurd tanken -
Gud om Universum hoppas
Europa ge sig.

hata din stolt Kristen kultur
klandra dig och rättvis ge upp

assurdo ha pensato -
Dio delle rese di Europa
di speranze di Universo

odiare la sua colpa di cultura orgogliosa cristiana
te stesso ed appena rinunciare

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hopes
Europe surrenders...

hate your proud Christian culture
blame yourself and just give up

1:27 AM  

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