31 marts, 2008

Afghanistan: Racisme - eller?

Fundet på BBC News - muslimske tropper fra De Forenede Arabiske Emirater på patrulje i Afghanistan:
As fellow Muslims, they get a warm reception from the villagers.

"At first I thought these were American soldiers and I wanted them to leave but when they said they were Muslims I knew they were our brothers," a young Afghan man says.

Hajji Fazlullah, another Afghan villager, says: "The Arab troops come in our country and our village, we are very happy." ..

Of course, these are not the only coalition troops giving out aid to Afghans. But what is really winning hearts and minds is the Islamic connection.

Ville det være blevet vinklet som noget som helst andet end ultra-nationalisme eller racisme, hvis der havde været tale om ortodokse kristne i feks Bosnien frem for muslimer i Afghanistan?

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